Violin Memory Operating Systems (Vmos)


The Violin Memory Operating System (vMOS) delivers the industry’s leading flash optimized storage management solution, designed to meet the scale and performance of Violin flash Memory Arrays. vMOS uses Violin’s patented hardware accelerated software capability to protect and manage business critical data at the speed of memory. The customizable web-based management system and programmable interface presented by vMOS enhances operational efficiency by simplifying the management of Violin flash Memory Arrays.

Reliable Data Protection

Enterprises depend on Violin flash Memory Arrays to store and manage the most business critical data. vMOS offers enterprises a wide range of data management capabilities to reliably protect their data, without affecting the impressive performance of Violin flash Memory Arrays:

  • Space optimized snapshots
  • Encryption
  • Writeable Snapshots
  • Thin Provisioning

Flexible Storage Connectivity

Violin flash Memory Arrays are designed for high IOPS, ultra low spike-free latency, and network flexibility. With reliability built into each layer of the array, vMOS provides Active/Active storage connectivity through a pair of highly available Memory Gateways and integrates with all leading multipathing solutions. vMOS provides flexibility in storage connectivity with several high bandwidth options:

  • Fibre Channel (FC)
  • iSCSI
  • Infiniband
  • PCIe direct connectivity

Resilient Flash Endurance

Violin Memory has been at the forefront of innovations in increasing the endurance of flash, while maintaining sustained high throughput over extended array lifetimes. With patented flash optimization technology, in-place fault handling, and multi-layer wide striping, vMOS drives Violin flash Memory Arrays to unprecedented levels of sustained performance, endurance, and resilience:

  • Violin Intelligent Memory Modules (VIMM)
  • vRAID built-in data protection
  • Erase hiding
  • Wide striping

Comprehensive Management

All Violin flash Memory Arrays are equipped with a call-home ability to automatically detect and alert administrators of issues before they turn critical. With support for multiple browsers and an iPad application, as well as integration into 3rd party management environments like VMware vCenter, vMOS provides all the flexibility and simplicity expected of an enterprise-grade primary storage system, including several options to ease administration with live monitoring and dynamic administration capabilities:

  • Non-disruptive upgrades
  • Proactive wellness capabilities
  • Web based management interface
  • Command line interface

vMOS empowers administrators to monitor, manage, and configure Violin flash Memory Arrays anywhere, any time. The simple, elegant GUI offers a comprehensive view of the entire system, from provisioning and reporting to on-going management. vMOS provides administrators with access to all elements of the array, enabling full visibility into the system.