Violin Concerto 7000 All Flash Array

Violin Concerto_7000 in rack

Violin Concerto 7000 All Flash Array

Enterprise Data Services Software Delivers Business in a Flash

The Concerto 7000 All Flash Array with Enterprise Data Services Software brings new levels of business continuity, safety, scale and efficiency to provide transformative performance and economics. This comprehensive solution consists of high performance storage, highly available controllers and Enterprise Data Services Software to solve data center and cloud challenges.

  • Flexible and powerful business continuity with asynchronous and synchronous replication
  • Data efficiency technologies such as thin provisioning and snapshots
  • Data protection features including clones, mirroring and encryption
  • Scalability with up to four storage shelves with hundreds of terabytes of data
  • Transformative performance for mixed and multiple workloads


  • Remote asynchronous replication
  • Synchronous replication / stretch metro clusters
  • LUN mirroring
  • Zero RPO and RTO for stretch metro clusters that are integrated and optimized for flash
  • Automated App Disaster Recovery management
  • WAN optimized replication
  • Consistency Groups for replication and snapshots



  • Snapshots (app & crash consistent)
  • Consistency Groups for snapshots
  • Continuous data protection
  • Transparent LUN mirroring
  • Backup app integratio


  • Scale-up to 280TB raw
  • Capacity pooling across shelves
  • Online expansion of capacity
  • Online LUN expansion
  • Single name space across shelves
  • Snapshots (app consistent, writable)
  • Thin Provisionin Thin Clones


  • Snapshots (app consistent, writable)
  • Thin Provisionin Thin Clones