Violin Concerto 2200 Data Reduction Appliance

violin concerto 2200

Data Reduction that You Control

The Concerto 2200 Data Reduction appliance is a solution that enhances the Violin 6000 or 7000 All Flash Arrays to support NFS environments. The high-availability Concerto 2200 software provides inline deduplication and compression, dramatically reducing the amount of data written to the Violin All Flash Array(s). The Concerto HA pair connects to the Violin All Flash Array(s) by Fibre Channel and attaches to the NFS network via Ethernet to provide data reduction services. Virtual desktop and virtual server infrastructure are two key solutions areas and when optimized by the Concerto 2200 can bring several benefits.

  • Manage CAPEX costsby reducing hardware expense with up to 10:1 space savings with persistent desktops.
  • Enhance up to four (4) LUNson existing or new Violin All Flash Arrays with data reduction technology to improve economics in NFS environments.
  • Streamline the management of desktopswhere application updates, backup, and recovery all scale up or down with ease.
  • Secure and manage your data with consistencyto minimize security exposure with centralized policies, security, and virtualized data storage.
  • Each user gets their own virtual machineallowing a wide range of potential solutions and services at a cost of under $75/desktop.