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M3 Technology is the leading provider of service, support and supplies for a variety of armored ground vehicles, trucks, trains, and automobiles. A proud partner of companies such as BAE, General Dynamics, and Defence Land Systems India (formerly Mahindra Defence), Amtrak, and municipalities around the world, M3 should be the first choice for all of your automotive needs.

Strategic alliances with key manufacturers and suppliers give our team of dedicated support personnel access to hundreds of thousands of items around the world. From fan belts and armor plating, to gaskets and the most complex diesel engines, M3 has the sources and experience to meet the needs of any fleet, regardless of location and urgency.

With skills and know-how honed in support of armed forces around the globe, M3 is able to exceed our client’s expectations and help them to meet critical deadlines, contain prices, and keep wheels and tracks turning on both military and civilian vehicles around the world.




The Stryker Light Armored Vehicle offers US troops superb mobility, devastating firepower and excellent protection against all of the threats of the modern battlefield. Serving with distinction around the globe, the Stryker highlights the requirements and strengths of the current US Military, strength, speed, and flexibility.

M3 Technology is a proud partner in the Stryker Program, and is a chief supplier to General Dynamics Land Systems in the manufacture, support, and deployment of this revolutionary combat system.

The Stryker was designed to lead the US Military into the 21st Century, and M3 Technology is dedicated to supporting this effort.