UH-1 T/R Blades

UH-1 Tail Rotor Blades

If you need tail rotor blades for your UH-1 helicopter, we can supply you with either OEM blades or factory new composite blades.

Composite UH-1 Tail Rotor Blades

  • FAA STC No. SR02051LA
  • Get double the life of OEM Blades
  • Considerably reduce TCO in operating cost



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Dakota Air Parts Intl. is the official distributor of composite UH-1H Series tail rotor blade. The T/R blades take advantage of high-tech materials, a more efficient airfoil design, and advanced construction techniques to deliver great performance at double the life of the current blades on the market. The composite tail rotor blade features carbon fiber spar and skins, fiberglass root fittings, and a stainless steel abrasion strip, resulting in a lighter but stronger rotor blade. Although the composite UH-1H Series tail rotor blade is nearly one-inch wider than the OEM blade, no modification to the tail rotor hub is required for installation.


  • 2,400-hour life (double the life of the OEM blade)
  • New, more efficient airfoil design
  • Nearly a 1/2 pound lighter than OEM blade
  • No modification to tail rotor hub needed for installation
  • Stainless steel abrasion strip reduces leading edge wear
  • Corrosion-resistant composite blade with carbon fiber spar and skin, and fiberglass root fittings
  • Currently available for Garlick UH-1H; call for information on other Huey models

uh-1 tail2


Paint Options:

The Composite UH-1H series blades are in three different paint schemes. The default paint scheme is a black blade with white stripes. Other options include a white blade with black stripes, and a black blade with no stripes. A paint option must be requested on the purchase order; there is no price difference between the three options.

***Note: The -301 black paint option is only available without STC/PMA identification and therefore can not be installed on FAA Type Certificated helicopters. This option is for those customers that operate outside the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR). The -301 blade is manufactured identically to the -101 but without the high visibility marking required per FAR §29.1565.


The following documents are available with Composite UH-1H Series Tail Rotor Blade purchase