Bell 206 T/R Blades

Bell 206 Tail Rotor Blades

New to the market, composite tail rotor blades available for the Bell 206 series helicopter.

STC: SR02249LA



Models: 206B 206L-1 206L-4
206L 206L-3


Composite 206 tail rotor blade takes advantage of high-tech materials, a more efficient airfoil design, and advanced construction techniques to deliver great performance at double the life of current blades on the market. The composite tail rotor blade features a carbon fiber spar and skins, titanitum root fitting, and a nickel abrasion strip, resulting in a lighter but stronger rotor blade.


  • 5,000-hour life (double the life of the OEM blade)
  • New, more efficient airfoil design and profile
  • No modification to tail rotor hub needed for installation
  • Nickel abrasion strip reduces leading edge wear
  • Corrosion-resistant composite blade with carbon fiber spar and skin, and titanium root fitting
  • New pitch bearing design
  • 40% reduction in noise

Fatigue Test:

Per FAA requirements, fatigue testing on the 206 tail rotor blade. The custom-designed fatigue test fixture pulled, pushed and twisted the blades to simulate thousands of ground-air-ground cycles. The results of the fatigue test allowed the tail rotor blade an extended life of 5,000 hours, double the life of the OEM blade.


All blades will be delivered with the Instruction for Continued Airworthiness (ICA), permissive statement, and if requested a 8130-3.


The manufacturer offers a three year warranty against manufacturing and material defects on its composite tail rotor blades. The warranty excludes damage due to erosion.